Young Rhinos impress in Ireland U20’s victory!

Luke Ivers, Matthew Groves, Solomon Peter, Darragh McDonnell. Four Dublin Rhinos, four members of the Ireland U20’s starting defense who were victorious yesterday evening over Canadian team the Greendell Falcons.

Against all odds the young Irish team made up of players under the age of 21 from teams around the country stood together and put on show a performance to be remembered. A performance that will be remembered. For the first time ever an Irish team has defeated a team from North American, no small feat.

Matthew Groves applying pressure to Greendell QB
Matthew Groves applying pressure to Greendell QB

Leading 22-6 going into the half, the Irish team had to hold the Canadian’s off for just 2 quarters of football as the light was fading in Westmanstown. The second half went to the Canadians as they clawed back to within 2 points but ultimately the Irish defense held strong and a 22-20 victory was the result.

Darragh McDonnell (DE), Solomon Peter (DB), Matthew Groves (DB) and Luke Ivers (LB) put in impressive performances for the Rhinos contingent with highlights coming from Luke Ivers and Matthew Groves. Groves constant pressure forced the Greendell QB to turn the ball over numerous times – including an interception to our own Luke Ivers who returned the pick for an Irish touchdown.

Luke Ivers' interception TD
Luke Ivers’ interception TD

Congratulations to our Rhinos for showcasing their talent and proving that they are right up there with the best in the country in their age group.

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