Trinity beat Rhinos to remain undefeated

Two wins in a row has been enough to change the tide of the Rhinos season. After an 0-4 start to the season, pulling the win/loss column back to 2-4 has opened up the prospect of playoff football for the Rhinos.

Playoff football runs right through Trinity, the only undefeated team left in the Shamrock Bowl conference. When the two sides met earlier in the season, Trinity were the victors with a comfortable 27-0 scoreline. Since then not only have they gone undefeated but they also ended a 2 year winning streak belonging to the Belfast Trojans making Trinity the team to beat.

There's no escaping from LB Paul Richardson
There’s no escaping from LB Paul Richardson

No mean feat. And it wasn’t going to be the Rhinos playing spoiler this weekend as Trinity visited the sunny green expanse of Castleknock College rearing to continue the form they have shown all year, and that they did.

A final score of 53-6 to the students says it all. They were able to score seemingly at will as the Rhinos defense struggled to contain the potent Trinity offense who attacked both on the ground and through the air.

Dan Breslin picking up yards
Dan Breslin picking up yards

Dan Breslin stepped in at QB for the injured Arun Mooney and was able to pick up a consolation score in the second half but the damage had been done and Trinity continued to score into the 4th quarter. The quest for the Shamrock Bowl in 2014 certainly involves a match up with Trinity if they continue to perform at this level.

LB Paul Richardson literally knocking guys off their feet
LB Paul Richardson literally knocking guys off their feet

At 2-5 the Rhinos hopes to join Trinity are not yet over. With two wildcard playoff spots on the line and holding the head to head over the two other teams with 3-5 records, the Rhinos can secure a wild card match up against Limerick with a victory over Waterford next week.

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