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Founded in late 2007, the West Dublin Rhinos saw the coming together of a group of players from across Irish American Football.

Entering the league in 2008 under Head Coach Mark Lawless and Defensive Coordinator Robbie Andrews, the Rhinos began to carve out a reputation as a tough, no-nonsense team, but one that was finding wins hard to come by, with just one victory in those two years.

That made their 2010 appearance in the Shamrock Bowl semis a shock to everyone outside the club. A clicking offence and a number of key additions made the 2010 Rhinos the first in team history to win a playoff game, though they would fall short in the semi.

Playoff qualification would be missed in a transitional 2-6 2011, but it would pave the way for a 4-4 2012 season, which would see the Rhinos reach a wild-card playoff game, losing to the Belfast Knights.

In 2013, the Rhinos would finish 2-6, with a 7-6 win over the Dublin Rebels the season’s highlight. A return to the playoffs a year later on the back of a 3-5 record would see the Rhinos come up short against the UL Vikings in the wildcard.

2015, however, would see a Rhinos side depleted and on the wrong end of too many tight scorelines slipping out of the SBC and into IAFL-1, with Andrews taking the reins as Head Coach at the end of the season.

A first year in the IAFL-1 would see the Rhinos win 3 in a row but lose the next 4 and miss out on the playoffs. The 2017 season would see a young Rhinos side go 3-5 and miss out on the playoffs.

In 2018, founder member and Rhinos stalwart Barry Bolton took over as head coach and his first year will go down as an historic one for the team. Finishing 6-2 on the season, the Rhinos would see 4th-string QB Paul Richardson deliver 3 MVP performances in the playoffs as the team went on the road to Mullingar, Derry and the IAFL-1 Bowl in Wexford to win it all and secure a return to the IAFL’s top table - the Shamrock Bowl Conference.

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25/01/2017 UL Vikings24:20 UCD
01/04/2017 UL Vikings40:22 Belfast Trojans
02/04/2017 Belfast Trojans15:20 UL Vikings
14/04/2017 UCD10:26 UL Vikings
07/05/2017 Belfast KnightsVS UL Vikings
17/05/2017 UL Vikings14:20 South Dublin Panthers
04/06/2017 UL VikingsVS UCD
24/03/2019 Rhinos14:32 UCD

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