Dec 122014

In 2013 some of your Dublin Rhinos gave up some of their down time to help do some fundraising for Temple Street Childrens University Hospital and in the process raised €3,154 for the charity.

Always striving to improve, the Rhinos again gave up some down time over the 25th & 26th of October taking to the floors of Liffey Valley & Blanchardstown Shopping Centre to try and help raise even more money for the Childrens Hospital.


It is with great pleasure that I can now inform you that your Rhinos helped to raise a massive…


While the Rhinos helped to raise that money, the money was donated by the very generous people of West Dublin over the course of the weekend. So a huge thank you goes your way from all of us here at the Rhinos for helping us make this fundraiser even more successful than last years, almost 3 times as much money was raised!

For more information on Temple Street Childrens University Hospital and to see if there is any fundraising activities you would like to get involved in please visit their website.

Rhinos in Blanchardstown on October 26th

Rhinos in Liffey Valley on October 25th

Rhinos in Liffey Valley on October 25th

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Nov 182014

Week 3 of the Rhinos preseason training schedule is now in the books.


Week 4 will be held on Sunday 23rd November 11am, Castleknock College.


It’s not too late to start either. If you have already been in touch with us or are just finding us for the first time, send us your details here and we will be in touch with all the information you need to take part in this Sundays training session.

American Football is the ultimate team sport. Don’t miss your chance to become part of the Rhinos.

Would you like to play for the Rhinos?

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Nov 032014

Rhinos preseason training began in style on Sunday with over 70 players taking to the field to mark the opening of the Rhinos 2014/2015 season.

With the Rhinos senior squad looking to inch closer to that coveted Shamrock Bowl, the prospect of entering an IAFL2 side, a flag football side and for the first time a Junior (16-19) side, there has never been a more exciting time to be a part of the Rhinos.

Preseason training for the new recruits will continue at 11am in Castleknock College this Sunday, November 9th. New players are still welcome – it is never too late to start. Simply fill in your details here.

For a glimpse of what you can expect at training on Sunday, take a look at some photo’s taken at our first practice of the year.


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Oct 212014
2 Weeks

Sunday 2nd November, 11am

Castleknock College



Less than 2 weeks remain until the Rhinos return to the field in Castleknock College. If you are interested in taking up American Football don’t forget to get in touch with us so we can provide you with all the information you need to get started.

It’s time to leave Madden behind. Leave the PlayStation & XBox controllers behind and get started on your own football path next Sunday, 2nd November. Feel free to have rehearsed the Heisman pose in advance.



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Oct 092014

Sunday 2nd November, 11am

Castleknock College

Rhino football is back! That’s right, on Sunday 2nd November 2014 at 11am in Castleknock College the Rhinos will be back in action. Rookies and first year players will take to the field to showcase their skills while they are shown the ropes by our coaching staff headed by Mark Lawless.

For the first time the Rhinos will also be running a ‘Junior’ team in the 16-18 age group. We will be teaching the Junior squad the basics and prepare them for full contact kitted scrimmages hosted by the IAFA against other Junior squads from around the country. Junior training will run alongside the Senior squad training initially.

If you have ever had an interest in playing American Football or even enjoyed watching an NFL game, now is the time to give it a go. Come on down and try your hand at it in a no pressure environment, no experience is necessary and all the required training will be provided. Did you know that our 2013 Rookie of the Year was our 2014 Most Valuable Player? You could be the next Russell Wilson, Cordarelle Patterson or … Paul Richardson!

Don’t waste any time, get in touch with us today and we will provide you with everything you need to become a Rhino.

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Sep 102014

Last Saturday night saw the Rhinos take to the Woolshed once more, this time to celebrate the 2014 IAFL season which saw the Rhinos advance to the postseason. A wildcard defeat at the hands of the UL Vikings saw the Rhinos campaign come to an end. After a rough start to the season which was plagued by injuries, a strong finish pushed the Rhinos into the postseason which will help kick start the 2015 preseason campaign starting in November.

The awards on offer for their performances throughout the 2014 season were: Team MVP, Offensive, Defensive & Special Teams MVP, Captains Award, Most Improved Player and Rookie of the year. As has happened in the past, players sometimes have the opportunity to excel at more than one position and this year was no different. For the first time ever two players managed to scoop two awards each, a direct result of the efforts put forward during the season.


Your 2014 Rhinos Most Valuable Players:


Award Winners: Rob Healy, Adam Skelly, Andy Meehan, Paul Richardson & Paul Minogue

Award Winners: Rob Healy, Adam Skelly, Andy Meehan, Paul Richardson & Paul Minogue


Paul Richardson – Team MVP

“Richie” was 2013’s rookie of the year after taking to the game of football like a duck to water. He continued that trend in 2014, staking claim to the Middle Linebacker position as well as contributing on Offense and Special Teams.

Rob Healy – Offensive MVP

It’s not often that an offensive lineman wins the Offensive Most Valuable Player award due to the competition from the skill positions who attract more focus. Rob’s effort all year during games and at training culminated in him being the offenses most valuable player.

Adam Skelly – Defensive MVP

There is no question that Adam Skelly is one of, if not the best Corner Back in the Irish League today. Not a single game goes by where Skelly doesn’t walk off the field with an interception and a whole host of highlight tackles and pass break ups. A consistent performer, without question the most valuable defensive player in 2014.

Adam Skelly – Special Teams MVP

Not only was his play on Defense enough to win him the Defensive MVP, Adam Skelly replicated the same performance on Special Teams. Making tackles, forcing fumbles, returning a blocked PAT for 2 points, Adam Skelly done it all this year and is a deserved winner of this award.

Andy Meehan – Most Improved Player

Andy spent a lot of time in the preseason working on his fitness, strength and conditioning and it paid dividends all year long. Starting at corner back, filling in at safety & competing on special teams, Andy’s performance in 2014 was leaps and bounds above a solid 2013 rookie season.

Andy Meehan – Captains Award

On top of the reasons above, Andy not only performed on the pitch during games but also during training and off the pitch. For his dedication and performances during the year, Andy got the nod from the Captains for their award.

Paul Minogue – Rookie of the Year

Paul’s first year with the Rhinos started with him training to be a wide receiver but before long he made the move to defense. A move which he would not regret as he showed he was a natural and fully capable to play a big part in the defense. For his commitment to training and getting better on top of his performance during the season, Paul was this years Rookie of the Year.


Congratulations to all the award winners, and thanks to our sponsor the Woolshed for hosting us!


Aug 112014
Rhinos Run Last Man

Rhinos Run Last Man


Simply click on the picture above to join our Run Last Man competition where you select an NFL team – if your team wins you progress to the next round.

Entry is €10 and the prize pool grows as more people register. Check out the link above to sign up and for a full explanation of how the competition works, click here.

Can you beat the Rhinos and be the last man standing?

Jul 072014

PLAYOFFS! Playoffs, playoffs, playoffs.


That is all that is on Rhino minds right now after a 7-0 victory over the Waterford Wolves secures a 5th place seed into the playoffs and a match up against the UL Vikings on July 20th. Three teams finished with a 3-5 record and battled for 2 wild card positions but the Rhinos held the head to head tie breaker over both those teams and come out on top of the pile.

Oisin Russell-Conway protecting the QB

Oisin Russell-Conway protecting the QB

This game was both a relegation battle and playoff contender for both teams. The win in favour of the Rhinos has cemented the Wolves in the relegation spot after they finish their inaugural SBC season 0-8. The Rhinos victory catapults them towards the playoffs.

Defense pitch a shut out

Defense pitch a shut out

Both teams fought tooth and nail for the victory on the day and both defenses put up performances to remember but it was QB Arun Mooney who broke the deadlock by calling his own number, taking the ball to the pylon and crossing the goal line from inside the 5 to put the home field Rhinos ahead. Paul Hosford dialled up the extra point to round the score to 7-0.

Paul Hosford adding the PAT to the games only score

Paul Hosford adding the PAT to the games only score

A season that started 0-4 was turned around by some hard fought battles and a regular season record of 3-5 is the reward for the Rhinos as they prepare for the third wild card appearance in club history. The Rhinos face the Vikings now on the 20th July at 2pm in the University of Limerick.


The Rhinos would like to extend their thanks to the Wolves and all the spectators on the day who took part in the Rhinos HB Ice Cream Sunday, a whopping €250 was raised in support of Down Syndrome Ireland on the day.


Jun 302014

Two wins in a row has been enough to change the tide of the Rhinos season. After an 0-4 start to the season, pulling the win/loss column back to 2-4 has opened up the prospect of playoff football for the Rhinos.

Playoff football runs right through Trinity, the only undefeated team left in the Shamrock Bowl conference. When the two sides met earlier in the season, Trinity were the victors with a comfortable 27-0 scoreline. Since then not only have they gone undefeated but they also ended a 2 year winning streak belonging to the Belfast Trojans making Trinity the team to beat.

There's no escaping from LB Paul Richardson

There’s no escaping from LB Paul Richardson

No mean feat. And it wasn’t going to be the Rhinos playing spoiler this weekend as Trinity visited the sunny green expanse of Castleknock College rearing to continue the form they have shown all year, and that they did.

A final score of 53-6 to the students says it all. They were able to score seemingly at will as the Rhinos defense struggled to contain the potent Trinity offense who attacked both on the ground and through the air.

Dan Breslin picking up yards

Dan Breslin picking up yards

Dan Breslin stepped in at QB for the injured Arun Mooney and was able to pick up a consolation score in the second half but the damage had been done and Trinity continued to score into the 4th quarter. The quest for the Shamrock Bowl in 2014 certainly involves a match up with Trinity if they continue to perform at this level.

LB Paul Richardson literally knocking guys off their feet

LB Paul Richardson literally knocking guys off their feet

At 2-5 the Rhinos hopes to join Trinity are not yet over. With two wildcard playoff spots on the line and holding the head to head over the two other teams with 3-5 records, the Rhinos can secure a wild card match up against Limerick with a victory over Waterford next week.

Jun 142014

A tale of two halves. More so than usual this time around.

The opening whistle sounded on the 13th of June but the final whistle wasn’t blown until the 13th of July.

Paul Minogue returning the second half kick off

Paul Minogue returning the second half kick off

The first half was played in Carrickfergus on a beautiful June summers day. The Rhinos travelled north fresh on the back of their first victory of the season and looked to continue that, opening the scoring on their first drive with a pass from Arun Mooney to Tom Fanning who had the strength to hold off 2 defenders as he found his way across the goal line from 30 yards out. And in typical Rhinos/Knights fashion the defenses kicked in, and hard too. Neither team would give up much on the ground or in the air and it was the Rhinos touchdown and two point conversion that separated the sides at half time, 8-0. As the first half came to an end, nobody expected the half time would last a full month.

Rhinos offense lining up

Rhinos offense lining up

An injury to one of the Knights players during the first half saw the ambulance in attendance transport the player to hospital. In circumstances like this the game is put on hold until the ambulance returned however in this instance the ambulance could not return. The bizarre situation became more bizarre when the second half was rescheduled to be played out at a neutral venue in the week between the final regular season games and the wild card playoff games.

And so the 13th of July saw both teams travel to Navan to play out the remainder of the game. Both teams were ready for a game and as if it had picked up from where it left off, the stalemate continued. Both teams defenses made big plays when it mattered. The Knights looked most likely to score until Adam Skelly intercepted a pass on the goal line, his first of two on the day.

Far from the sunny shores of Carrickfergus @ Navan RFC

Far from the sunny shores of Carrickfergus @ Navan RFC

With the Knights defense shutting down the Rhinos offense, it was squarely on the shoulders of the defense to keep the Rhinos 8-0 from the first half. And that they did with a stout performance rounded out with a second Adam Skelly interception inside 2 minutes of the fourth quarter allowing the Rhinos to take a knee to conclude the month long game.